Babylon Operations was established in February 2017 by Michael Shelby, an oil & gas executive with international experience.  Babylon Operations focused on the oil & gas and mining sectors, providing specialised equipment rental, experienced operators and technicians, and repair and maintenance of customer equipment with an emphasis on large diesel engines.

In November 2017, Babylon Operations was acquired by IM Medical Limited (IMI). The acquisition of Babylon by IMI was a significant change in the nature of the their activities to industrial services.  IMI sought and gained ASX and shareholder approval to change their ASX code from “IMI” to “BPP”.

Michael Shelby was appointed as Executive Chairman, Patrick Maingard was appointed Executive Director and Michael Kenyon was appointed Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary.  Further details about these personnel and IMI can be found here.

Babylon Power & Pump Ltd head office is based in Forrestfield, Perth, Western Australia.

Why ChoOse Babylon PUMP & POWER Ltd

It’s how we provide these services, which stands us apart.

Not too big.

Big companies tend to be less flexible and slow moving. They have equipment experience but they find it hard to adapt the way they  work to suit the unique needs of each customer. Smaller companies lack the experience and the capability to both understand a client’s needs and offer the best solution.

We have the experience and expertise to help our clients uncover the real problem and give the best advice, while being nimble enough to act quickly and efficiently to make it happen.

not too small.

We are an ASX listed company and have acquired health, safety, environmental and quality accreditation. We have a network in the resources industry. Our growth strategy is clearly articulated so that we grow with our clients to constantly service their needs. Our staff are skilled professionals in their field.


We’ve walked in your shoes.

We can do this because we’ve been there. We know the pressures our customers face. Today, more than ever, companies have to do more with less. There is a constant need to improve efficiencies, and overcome internal challenges and politics.

We’re not a service provider – we’re a trusted advisor.

We want to be known as a company you can trust to get the job done right. We’re here to make the job easier, because our commitment is to your needs first.

We’re committed.

To making everything we do a complete success and we want the companies we work with to share in that.

We’re selective.

We only work with good people – not just in what they do but what they’re like to work with. That’s how we give our customers the service they deserve.

We’re realistic.

Rather than get distracted by the things that are out of our control, we prefer to just get on with the job and deliver on our promises.

We’re experienced.

We’ve been doing this a long time, and we know what to look out for. We have more technical experience than our clients’ needs, but it’s what we know aboutnavigating the industry that helps the most.